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About the Labour party in Sandnes

Stanley Wirak foran Gandsfjorden

Stanley Wirak, the Mayor of Sandnes, is the candidate for Mayor for Sandnes Arbeiderparti. (Photo: Rune Helliesen)

Vote Sandnes Arbeiderparti, for better school for our children, a worthy care for the elderly, and less unsocial road toll taxes.

Local elections are 9. September, and this year the elections are to the county council(Rogaland) and to the municipality, in Sandnes.

Check if you fill the requirements to vote in these elections on this web page: 

Sandnes Arbeiderparti wishes to create a local community where everybody has the opportunity to live a good life.

In 2020, Forsand and Sandnes municipalities will join together to create one municipality with more than 78.000 inhabitants. The local community is where we live, it creates the framework in which we all exist. The schools, kindergartens, the care for the elderly, the sports and cultural activities, and of course work.

In Arbeiderpartiet, we believe in strong and sustainable community solutions, where everybody take part. We can achieve more together than each of us by ourselves. If we join in for the community, we will see that people are able to be safer and have better neighbourhoods and better opportunities.

Our most important issues are:- We want to improve schools, have more teachers, and open for the possibilities to reduce homework for the pupils, by doing more work at school.- We will ensure that all inhabitants are offered good health care services, and that there will be no waiting list for in nursing homes for elderly and others in need.- We will work hard to remove the road taxes during rush hours and will look for other solutions for road toll taxes.- We will continue to say no to property taxes.

For stronger communities, vote Sandnes Arbeiderparti. 

Oscar II i havna med Sandnes Sparebank i bakgrunnen.

The inner harbour of Sandnes, with "Oscar II" on the right. (Photo: Arne Buchholdt Espedal)

The future of SandnesOur goal is for Sandnes municipality to be a strong and solid community that provides greater freedom and security for the individual and the family. We will continue to develop good regional cooperation in order to achieve good solutions for the inhabitants of the municipality and the region.

The goals of the Sandnes Arbeiderparti are freedom, opportunities and a safe society for all. We stand stronger together.

Freedom for all people requires a fair distribution of goods and burdens. Large economic and social differences, discrimination and exclusion create insecurity. Solidarity means sharing and provide freedom and equality for all. Solidarity is also the ability to take responsibility for each other and to contribute to the community. Therefore, society must be built on a solidarity principle, meaning equal opportunities for all.

We have a responsibility for future generations. This requires a sustainable society, where we take care of our nature and the environment. We wish to ensure that children growing up today are given the best opportunities for the future.

In strong communities’ people can have influence, in their own life, and in the common neighbourhoods. Good education in our schools, and to have a work to go to, are the most important foundation for our welfare society.

Anna Tangen og Arne Buchholdt Espedal tester en rutsjebane.

Anna Tangen (the youth candidate) and Arne Buchholdt Espedal (Chairman of the committee for education and culture) test a slide in a kindergarten in Sandnes. (Photo: Rune Helliesen)

KindergartenA good kindergarten includes safe experiences, learning through playing, building self-esteem, and socialising with children at the same age. In order for the children to have this,we need for the adults in the kindergartens to be well educated a safe in their role when taking care of the children. The years in thee kindergarten creates the base for a good school experience, and indeed, a good life.

Our goal:- All children should be offered a kindergarten.- Build more kindergarten or expand the service in areas where there is a shortfall.- Ensure that the children learn, play and have a good experience in kindergarten.- Say no to bullying.- Increase the number of qualified kindergarten teachers and skilled workers in the kindergartens.- Early intervention for children with special needs.- Continuous admission all through the year.- Good quality kindergartens, inside as well as outside.

En gruppe ungdomsskole elever sitter samlet rundt læreren sin. Foto: Øivind Haug

Sandnes Arbeiderparti wants more qualified teachers.

SchoolsOur schools are learning, playing, socialising, and developing for the children.The school is an important arena for reducing social differences. Each pupil should be seen and heard and there should be close cooperation between the schools and the homes. All schools should offer help for homework after school hours by qualified staff.

Our goals:- More qualified teachers.- Ensure early intervention for children with special needs.- Increase quality and conditions of our schools.- Build a new school at Sviland, Bogafjell and Skaarlia, and expand the schools at Sandved and Malmheim.- Provide help for homework after school hours.- Provide professional education and development for teachers.- Say no to bullying.- Continue digital competence training for pupils.- Motivate for further and higher education.- Work for full-day schools.- Give possibilities for activities and play during school hours.- Have school nurse services.

Stanley Wirak og Annelin Tangen foran Sandnes Helsesenter

Mayor Stanley Wirak and Annelin Tangen (Chairwoman of the committee for Health and welfare) in front of Sandnes Helsesenter. (Photo: Rune Helliesen)

Health and careWe want everyone to have access to good health and care services. Good public health must be a guiding principle in all planning in Sandnes municipality. We will strengthen activities that contribute to better health and improved quality of life in all age groups.

Our goals:- Provide health care services for newborns and toddlers and their families.- Build more housing for people with special needs.- Use new technology to make everyday tasks easier.- Provide care homes for elderly and others in need.- Provide flexible solutions for day care centres.- Strengthen preventive measures against substance abuse and ensure good aftercare.- Cooperate with NGOs.- No waiting lists for nursing homes.- Provide free meningitis vaccine program for youths.

Culture, sports and leisure

Our goals:- Build a new arena for ice skating.- Be a venue for more international and national sporting events.- Open the swimming arenas in summer.- Continue to offer “culture card” to children in challenged families.- Provide space in municipality buildings for organisations doing voluntary work.- Support libraries in Sandnes and in the neighbourhoods.- Make our parks and green areas meeting places for all ages.

Sandnes – a diverse municipalitySandnes is a municipality where everyone is welcome, and should experience equality,respect and understanding regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or functional ability.

Our goals:- Ensure good quality in all integration issues in our municipality.- Provide internships to help people outside the community to get a job.- Work for good and strong communities to help creating good opportunities for people.- Kindergarten and schools are important for an equal society.- Welcome refugees to our municipality.- Continue to support Sandnes Læringssenter.

Kandidatene foran kulturhuset

Our candidates in front of Sandnes Kulturhus. (Photo: Rune Helliesen)

At our webpage you can read, in Norwegian, our program for:- Work for everyone- Our social housing politics- How Sandnes is a modern municipality and an attractive employer.- How we want the city of Sandnes to develop in the future.- What we think of future transport solutions.- Environment, climate, tourism and outdoor adventures.

Please contact us if you have questions.

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